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Oct 13, 2019

Making decisions is critical for any CEO. But today’s Leading Lady has a Master’s in the art.

In this episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Denyelle Bruno, CEO of Los-Angeles based health-conscious restaurant Tender Greens, talks to us about the importance of ensuring that senior leaders understand how vital it is to ensure that decisions are received and understood throughout multiple levels of an organization. And, she would know a thing or two about this, because in addition to her current role, she previously served as president of retail operations for Drybar, where she led the opening of 55 locations. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, in addition to that, Denyelle also was one of only seven people who worked with Steve Jobs to open the first 25 Apple stores. Her career experience also includes roles as vice president of retail for PUREBEAUTY and at Peet’s Coffee & Tea in vice president roles focused on retail strategy and market expansion, as well as retail marketing and operations.

The advice that comes from a career tenure like Denyelle’s is gold. And, after all of her experience, one of the most important pieces of advice she has for all of us is simple, yet gutsy: Ask for the role you want. As Denyelle shares in our conversation, almost every role in her successful career has resulted from her asking for it. It’s an important lesson to remember, especially as many of us often think that if we just work hard enough, and broaden our skill set and experience, then the offers will come directly to us. And while this happens sometimes, what we’ve been reminded of during our chat with Denyelle is that if you really want the job, ask for it. But first, listen to today’s episode for tips on how to ask for it from the expert herself. After all, you never know if this could be the move that changes the course of your career … forever.

Oct 10, 2019

Ever since she was younger, Laura Rutledge has been the living embodiment of the mentality “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Growing up, she was a serious ballet dancer and focused on music. And, in a way, she says ballet and music were almost like her first job, because through them she was always working so hard to get to that next opportunity. Whether it was a scholarship or a professional job as a ballet dancer, they were her goals, so working toward them became her job.


Ballet requires a level of perfection, Laura tells us in today’s conversation. And it was a level that required her to stay focused on one goal at a time. She credits this thought process for benefitting her career today at ESPN. At the network, Laura is the co-anchor of morning show Get Up!, one of the lead reporters for the network’s college sports coverage, and the host of SEC Nation every fall on SEC Network. And, in August she debuted The Moment with Laura Rutledge, a new show on SEC Network about making sports fans’ dreams come true.


Laura also is one of ESPN’s College Football Playoff reporters, and was assigned to the CFP semi-finals the past two seasons. She is a reporter for the network’s marquee Super Tuesday college basketball games and serves as the network’s lead reporter for the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament. Elsewhere in the world of college spots, Laura also covered the SEC Softball Tournament and NCAA Women’s College World Series. She’s also ESPN’s lead reporter for the SEC Baseball Tournament and NCAA College World Series. In addition, Laura has anchored many episodes of SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight, and she’s worked as a red carpet host at the ESPYS last year and this year. Last fall, she made her NFL reporting debut on Monday Night Football.


Just a week ago Laura received a new title – Mom – giving birth to her first baby, a daughter named Reese Katherine Rutledge. It was the perfect birthday gift for a mom, who will now forever share her birthday with her daughter.


Read on to learn how one of the hardest working women in sports organizes her day, fights off sick days, prepares for a handful of shows, and manages to look incredibly chic and classy in the process.

Sep 20, 2019

Lydia Fenet undoubtedly has a dream job. In her role as managing director and global director of strategic partnerships at the famed auction house Christie's. Lydia’s role combines travel, strategy, art and social impact. In addition to living a life full of art and adventure, Lydia has raised more than half a billion dollars for over 400 non-profits worldwide as the leading benefit auctioneer in the country.

In our conversation, Lydia reveals how she has used her work ethic and her unique skills of humor and persuasion to become a leading auctioneer. We also talk about her first book, The Most Powerful Women in The Room is You, where she shares the mindset and day-to-day tactics she used to land her first dream job as an intern. We also talk about the time Matt Damon accidentally called her Lindsey … and how one could possibly navigate that situation?! (With a classic response, of course.) Lydia also discusses one of her favorite events she’s worked on – leading a benefit with Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden in front of an audience of 6,000.

 Dream job? Check. Most powerful women in the room? Double check. If you have your heart set on a dream job, Lydia’s entire career path is a roadmap that can be transferred toward any big career goal.

Aug 29, 2019
We've all been through heartache and heartbreak, but today's guest on I Want Her Job: The Podcast has made a career of it.
Amy Chan is the Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a retreat that takes a scientific and spiritual approach to healing the heart. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine that focuses on the psychology behind love, lust and desire. In our conversation, Amy shares how a painful break up led her to the idea for starting her thriving business focused on love and healing. We discuss how Amy’s research on love dating changed her life and set her on a mission to help others, while running a successful business. 
You will love this episode if you are curious about different dating attachment styles, common mistakes, and the single most important thing each of us can do to get on a happier, and more loving path. After listening to Amy’s passion for how love and psychology are connected, it will be obvious why Marie Claire calls Amy, "A relationship expert whose work is like that of a scientific Carrie Bradshaw.Her company has been featured across national media including Good Morning America, Vogue, Glamour, Nightline and the front page of The New York Times. We can’t wait for you to listen and to have Amy back on our show to discuss her upcoming book, Breakup Bootcamp – The Science to Rewiring Your Heart.


Jul 11, 2019

The mission of Megan O’Connor’s company is empowering: We build educators into entrepreneurs. The company she co-founded, Clark, gives tutors and educators an online platform with tools for opening and managing an education business. For example, if you decided you wanted to start a side business tutoring, you could join Clark to automate scheduling, payment management, monitor student progress, find client leads, and get support from others with similar businesses. Clark also has added a content platform that facilitates sharing and collaboration among tutors on content ideas. Clark is the perfect example of technology enabling business owners to improve where they spend their time, and increase their revenue, impact and reach. Clark was even featured on Apple's Planet of the Apps, and as a result received venture funding and the opportunity to work with Gary Vaynerchuk to perfect their platform. 

Some of the best startups are created when the founders are passionate about solving a problem. While growing up, Megan watched her mother – a school teacher – struggle with the demands of her personal tutoring business. When Megan realized there wasn’t a solution on the market to help her mom reduce time spent on administrative tasks with her tutoring business, the seed for Clark was planted. Today, Clark has 11 full-time employees, funding from leading venture investors, and ambitious plans to continue its work of creating powerful tools that empower the people doing some of the most important work there is, our educators.

Jun 26, 2019

Imagine that you are in a room in Silicon Valley. You think of your electrical engineering degree from Stanford, but you also think of the time you immigrated to the United States with only $43 to your name. Everywhere you look there’s men, but you’re a woman. And although setbacks are the norm for females in your industry, you’re proving yourself to be a force in venture capital. After all, you’re on the inside helping Marc Benioff build Salesforce – from the ground up. 

This is the story of Magdalena Yesil. Magdalena and three other extraordinarily strong, ambitious women share their stories in Alpha Girls, the latest book from acclaimed New York Times best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Julian Guthrie. In Alpha Girls, Julian takes the reader into the rooms where deals, risks and decisions shaped some of Silicon Valley’s biggest industries.

The Alpha Girls story is so damn, jaw-dropping good that there was a bidding war for the film and TV rights that included the likes of Amazon, Universal and Brett Ratner, among others. The winner? Female-founded Welle Entertainment. And, with a TV series on the horizon, we can’t wait to be taken into the girls’ world in a completely new way. But, as always, we recommend you read the book first. It will help you truly savor and dive into the awe-inspiring lives of the Alpha Girls.

In episode 98 of I Want Her Job The Podcast, Host Polina Selyutin talks to Julian about her book. We discuss how the four women featured got on their respective paths and worked their way to becoming “the only” in their venture firms. We also discuss how Alpha Girls has opened a door into venture capital as a path of opportunity for other women. Although it is a highly intense, high-stakes, high-stress and super-competitive space, for those ready and prepared for the challenge, the women known as the Alpha Girls have offered four roadmaps to tremendous success and a chance to shape the future.


Jun 11, 2019

As the director of audience strategy and entertainment at, Julie Kosin oversees the news team, as well as topics ranging from movie and TV, to books, music and art. She’s been with the publication since graduating from Syracuse in 2014 as a magazine journalism major. Prior to her role at the publication she was an editor for College Fashionista.

When Julie was younger and growing up in Scranton, Pa. – home of yes, The Office – visiting New York City was a special treat. She would look forward to seeing shows on Broadway with her family and visiting the Empire State Building. Now, with NYC as her new home, Julie gets the opportunity to interview A-list celebrities in her office, watch popular TV shows like Game of Thrones (and call it work!), and also plan website content that goes up every half hour on the site for the legendary fashion publication. 

Julie always loved magazines and English classes and realized when she was a senior in high school that it could be a job for her. “I loved getting my ideas on paper, and something clicked for me when I realized I could potentially turn that into a career,” she shares. “Then I started actively researching what that would look like and how journalism could be an option.”

In today’s conversation we discuss how Julie got her start working in the industry, her advice for others who want her job, what it’s like to interview celebrities and more. We also talk about her ability to work across brands with other Hearst magazines like Elle and Marie Claire and talk about one of her favorite video projects she’s ever worked on for

May 24, 2019

Esther Wojcicki is asked about parenting advice – sometimes over 10 times a day! In How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical, Esther shares the guiding principles she has used to raise her wildly successful daughters, as well as in her teaching of journalism to students at Palo Alto High School who affectionately call her Woj. Her parenting philosophy can be distilled into a combination of values and practices within an acronym called TRICK, which stands for trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindness. In her book, Esther drills into each area, explaining why she believes each component to TRICK is critical. She also offers ideas for utilizing her TRICK philosophy with your children, and shares dozens of memorable stories.

There is no doubt the book will be a best seller since Esther has had such tremendous success as a mother and teacher. Each of Esther’s daughters have phenomenal career achievements. Daughter, Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube; Janet Wojcicki is a professor of pediatrics at University of California, San Francisco; and Anne Wojcicki, is the founder and CEO of genetic testing company 23andMe. At the center of Silicon Valley for her entire career as an influential teacher, Esther also is a dedicated community member. With Google famously beginning its empire in daughter Susan’s garage, Esther has truly been surrounded by the tech revolution.

Hundreds of Esther’s students still keep in touch with her, and as her daughters say in the book’s foreword, they often meet former students who say, “You know, your mom really changed my life. She believed in me.” Esther has been nominated for national awards for her teaching and thousands of students who went through her program often consider the experience life changing – both for the work they did, and for the respect, autonomy and the bar set by Esther.

In addition to sharing her philosophy for raising independent, kind and community-oriented children, Esther’s book feels like a handbook for global citizenship. She firmly believes that kindness, finding ways to help others and the quality of our relationships are at the forefront of a happy life. 

In our conversation, Esther shares how tragedy and other intense difficulties  during her childhood influenced her parenting philosophy. We discuss why using TRICK with children and in schools leads to radical results and learn hands-on tactics for using TRICK in your family. Esther is a brilliant example of the impact one teacher can have, and the joy of living a life of purpose.

May 7, 2019

When Casey Clark’s national tour of Les Misérables ended after nearly two years, and it was time to find a new job, Casey realized she tired of living the ups and downs that come with professional acting. As she shares in today’s show, professional actors often face long stretches of unemployment – filling in gaps with survival jobs and temping in various roles to pay the bills, sometimes for months, or even years.

One fateful day, Casey went on an interview that she thought was about singing coaching, and ended up being asked to teach speaking voice instead. Casey quickly fell in love with voice coaching and the opportunity to help women amplify their own voices. This session eventually led her to co-found Vital Voice Training.

Around the same time Casey started voice coaching, she read a book called Half the Sky, which left her feeling angry at the depth and enormity of problems facing women in our world. The combination of entering the voice coaching world, and wanting to help women, convinced Casey her mission was to help amplify the voices of women who were helping other women. In the 95th episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Host and Podcast Co-Founder Polina Selyutin discusses with Casey how voice coaching works, tips for improving public speaking skills and much more.

May 2, 2019

Elisabeth Leonard was living in New York City and had her dream job working at Rebecca Minkoff. She’d worked her way up the company, from a position as a receptionist, to a job in the PR department. Then her life changed dramatically. And for the better! If you think it can’t get better than what Elisabeth had going for her in New York then keep listening.

She moved to Santiago, Chile, a little over three years ago to be closer to her long-term boyfriend who had been living and working down there himself for a handful of years. Taking a leap from leaving the only city she had ever known, Elisabeth moved to Chile! And it gets better yet, because she still had the opportunity to work for Rebecca Minkoff, but this time on a remote basis leading special projects.

Last fall, one of those special projects involved helping Rebecca launch the Female Founder Collective – a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Its mission is to enable and empower female-owned and led businesses to positively impact our community both socially and economically. Businesses that are part of the Collective have the opportunity to share a special FFC seal on their storefront or website that signifies by shopping there a consumer is supporting a female-founded business.

Today in episode 94 of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Elisabeth joins I Want Her Job Founder Brianne, to discuss making major moves, the importance of kindness in career advancement and why working as a receptionist is a job with a lot of benefits. We also discuss her mindset working remotely, the importance of routine when working at home and why a dog named Ziggy was one of the greatest beings to ever come into her life.


Apr 30, 2019

At the age of 23 while serving in the Israeli army Adi Arezzini was feeling bloated, constipated and had a stomach that looked like she was carrying around a bowling ball inside. She was active and training soldiers, yet she had a very angry digestive system that left her feeling terrible with her own wellness and health. And eating the food the army provided wasn’t exactly helping …

So, Adi tried a new avenue and got a colonic. It helped her for a while, but served more as a band-aide approach. It wasn’t until she got back to the United States and moved to Florida that she was able to cook her own healthy foods and finally help her stomach heal. And though her healthy eating approach was helping, it still didn’t fix her problem 100 percent.

 At a fateful meeting at a friend’s house Adi met the person who would become her co-founder. With his background in coffee and tea, and her background in health and wellness, the two started to combine different loose leaf tea blends to find one that would help her stomach’s health and, as a perk, actually taste good at the same time. It was through this process that Teami Blends was born.

 Offering teas made of herbs and natural ingredients, Teami Blends strives to create a product that provides a truly effective plant-based solution. The company is now a multi-million dollar brand with a massive following and community of Teami loyalists. And, just last year, Teami’s line of tea-infused skincare made it to the shelves of more than 1,000 Ulta retail stores.

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast we talk to Adi about how she grew Teami from a company built out of her mom’s house into the behemoth it is today. We also discuss her motivations, talk about that extremely uncomfortable time living in Israel with digestive issues and explore her mindset for success.

Apr 29, 2019

Fran Hauser’s career history makes one thing very clear: She’s a powerhouse. Having served as president of digital for the Style and Entertainment Group at Time Inc., Fran oversaw digital business for PEOPLE, InStyle, Entertainment Weekly and others. She also served in other senior roles at Time Inc., including as general manager of Time Inc. Interactive. And before that worked at AOL as vice president and general manager of AOL Movies and Moviefone.

Now, Fran serves as a startup investor and advisor for companies including HelloGiggles, Meditation Studio and The Wing. Impressively, 18 of the 20 companies in her portfolio are founded by women. Fran’s passion for empowering female businesswomen can also be seen in her volunteer activities. She serves on the board of directors for GlobalGiving; as a special advisor to Girl Be Heard; and as an advisory board member of 92Y Women inPower and Rent the Runway’s Project Entrepreneur.

Last year Fran published a book every modern career woman needs on her bookshelf, The Myth of the Nice Girl. In it, she guides females to believe and understand that it’s possible to me ambitious and likeable; that you can make decisions firmly and collaboratively; and that you can give feedback directly and kindly. In short, it offers advice for getting the career you love, without becoming a person you hate.

 “After years of self-discovery, building a successful career, and paying close attention to what worked – and most importantly – what felt right for me, I ultimately came to see that I didn’t have to sacrifice my values or hide my authentic personality in the name of achieving success,” Fran writes in her book.

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Fran joins hosts Polina and Brianne to discuss the disease to please, her model for setting boundaries, strategies for speaking up more in meetings, and the importance of including men in your network. We also discuss ways to add fences around your time, some of her favorite sources for inspiration and exciting trends in the digital landscape. We hope this interview leaves you feeling empowered and emboldened to achieve the career you love, that also allows for you to be the truest version of yourself.


Apr 23, 2019

Sharon Coleman is on a mission to bring comfort to those going through cancer treatment. The inspiration for her business came through her own struggle with cancer. She endured extensive treatments when she was diagnosed, and two years later had undergone surgery, radiation and many, many hours of chemotherapy treatments. 

The experience inspired her to create a curated care package gift box business called Lemon and Honey Gifts. Each box is made with love and an understanding of what people going through treatments need and want. If you’ve ever been in the position of not knowing what to do or say when a friend or family member is diagnosed, Sharon’s packages packed with comfort are a place to start.

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Sharon shares how she started her business and opened her Shopify store, without any previous technical e-commerce skills, as well as how she learned to navigate the dozens of new issues that would pop up each week. She also shares the resources that helped her start and grow her e-commerce business, which is helpful for anyone looking to launch her own business. Plus, Willow Older, a writer/editor and friend of the I Want Her Job team, joins Polina Selyutin as co-host on this very special show.

Apr 4, 2019

Advance warning, Lori Gottlieb’s new book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, is very likely to send you to therapy to deal with issues that may be holding you back. The book combines Lori’s own relationship crisis – a surprise break up, which sends her to a therapist– along with the lives of four of her clients who are also dealing with a range of personal issues. And while each person in her book has their own challenges, from dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis to pursuing only toxic relationships, Lori emphasizes that we should not minimize our struggles just because we feel they don’t compare. She suggests that we should not apply a hierarchy of pain. While not always immediately life-threatening, when layers of pain are revealed it likely connects to one of the four concerns we all must face at some point – death, isolation, freedom and feeling meaningless.

The way Lori threads together the stories of her clients and herself, will leave you fully absorbed as you turn each page. At times the book feels like a TV series, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering her career path began in film when she worked as a writer on ER. And now, bringing her career full circle, Eva Longoria recently optioned Maybe You Should Talk To Someoneas a television series.


In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast it will become evident to you that Lori has found a profession that combines her clinical psychology degree, along with her knack for helping clients. Through her book and her writing, we hope you will find that Lori also can help you! And if you can’t afford a therapist, or find the time to see one, we also discuss with Lori other ways to identify patterns and thoughts that could be holding you back.


For more on Lori Gottlieb, be sure to follow her “Dear Therapist” advice column for The Atlantic. In each piece she shares gripping stories of people dealing with difficult situations to drive home fundamentals of identifying negative patterns, as well as tips for how you can make life changes that stick. She expertly breaks down concepts in a way that can make it much easier to remember and apply her advice to your own life.

Mar 25, 2019

As the founder of LinkedIn Reboot and Reboot for Business, Katie Fogarty’s work has helped people transform their LinkedIn profiles, personal brands and career opportunities. And with a background writing for morning TV news, working for a global PR firm and even for a U.S. Senator, Katie’s experience in public relations and journalism has given her a perfect combination of skills to help others summarize their personal stories on their LinkedIn pages. 

In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, Katie shares the benefits of making a LinkedIn profile page that displays the best of what you have to offer and explains why you should give your presence on the social network more attention. She also shares some of her top tips for easy ways to start engaging on LinkedIn, ideas to build stronger connections via the platform and ways to improve your visibility. Katie also talks about three mistakes people make on LinkedIn – so you can avoid making them yourself. She also discusses future trends on the platform, why LinkedIn is “a conversation” and her favorite tools for running her personal business. If you enjoy this, please share it with a friend!

Mar 15, 2019

Christina Ramirez was on an assignment at UC Santa Barbara 13 years ago when she came up with the idea for eco-conscious toothbrushes. Today her Plus Ultra Bamboo Toothbrushes are sold in more than 320 retail stores in 22 states, including Whole Foods and Amazon. She also has her sights set on expanding into other eco-conscious products.


In our conversation Christina shares how wise advice from her stepmom encouraged her to leave a job that had left her feeling miserable for an out-of-the-mold job that would bring her long-term happiness. The wise push, Christina says, gave her the confidence to walk toward her ultimate business dream. But her dream didn’t come without a lot of hard work and tough lessons. We talk about the ups and downs she faced when starting a new business – from flying to China to find manufacturers, to a tough lesson in quality control when her first lot of 5,000 toothbrushes were damaged.


We also talk about all the steps Christina took even before facing the production hurdles to bring her idea for a bamboo toothbrush to life. She had a goal: She wanted to create a product sold at Whole Foods. So, she applied for, and was hired for, a job as a cashier. Then, for 6 years she did everything she could to move up in the company. And although she says she didn’t make enough money to even buy a car, she was happy to be working among like-minded peers while learning about the business. Christina shares how she pitched her idea for bamboo toothbrushes to Whole Foods, and how she got the green light from the company’s buyers on a category call. And then, since she didn’t even have a product yet, she shares the day-and-night hours it took to research, develop and manufacture the product shed dreamed about.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a business, we think you will love Christina’s inspiring story. And we’ve got a good feeling it will give you that boost you need to pursue your very own business dreams. 

Other Topics Discussed: Finding a job that serves your soul, Manufacturing in foreign countries, The reality of the time commitment in starting a company, Outsourcing, The problem with old school toothbrushes. (In 2018, more than 50 million pounds of toothbrushes ended up in landfills.)

Mar 5, 2019

f you’re like us, you love wearing fashion that makes you feel confident and stylish. Today’s Leading Lady creates fashion just like that, and she also takes it a step further by infusing a female empowerment theme into her brand as well.


Who are we talking about? If you guessed Rebecca Minkoff you are right on. Rebecca has the ultimate girl-moves-to-big-city, girl-works-hard and girl-makes-it story. At only 18 years old she moved to NYC to chase her dream of making it as a fashion designer. Many hit pieces, like the Morning After Bag, helped catapulted her accessories line to bold-faced name status. And in 2009, she introduced her first ready-to-wear collection.


Now the Rebecca Minkoff brand has domestic and international retail locations and is distributed in more than 900 stores worldwide. Additionally, as the woman behind the brand, Rebecca was named as a member of the New York State Council on Women and Girls, and in fall of last year she established the Female Founder Collective, which features a network of businesses led by women that invests in female-owned businesses. She’s also the founder and host of Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff.


Listen in as we talk to Rebecca about her design inspirations, her business and her new podcast. Then, visit us at for show notes and a link to our previous interview with Rebecca from 2016.

Feb 5, 2019

Frida Polli is the founder of Pymetrics, a startup that uses algorithms to reduce hiring bias through software. The software uses neuroscience-based games and cutting-edge AI to reinvent the way companies attract, select and retain talent. It also helps job seekers match to jobs best suited for their strengths, personalities and capabilities.


Companies utilizing Pymetrics during the hiring process include Unilever, LinkedIn, Tesla and Accenture. The organization has received press from The New York Times to The Economist and Wall Street Journal. And it works. Data from Pymetrics is showing that job offers and retention rates have increased for the organizations using its services.


From a job seeker standpoint, many of us have started jobs that, in hindsight, weren’t the best fit for our personality types. With Pymetrics, applicants are tested through a series of online games for a certain set of cognitive and emotional traits. The games are put together to help a candidate find a job that’s a great fit! And, this is all done through a common application, removing hiring bias from the hiring equation.


In today’s episode of I Want Her Job The Podcast, Frida talks about how AI and new approaches to hiring can transform how candidates apply to – and are accepted to – jobs. AI also improves the job application and matching process in a massive way. She also shares how observing the candidate hiring process while earning her MBA at Harvard gave her the idea for Pymetrics. We also have an honest conversation about her early influences, strengths and weaknesses. Listen in to hear how Frida is boldly leading a massively exciting hiring shift in our society.

Jan 23, 2019
In today's episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we check back in with Anna Lambert, director of talent acquisition at Shopify. An e-commerce platform that handles marketing, payments and shipping, Shopify empowers entrepreneurs all over the world. With more than $82 billion of transactions made on the platform, it powers more than 600,000 businesses. 
Our original interview with Anna was one of our top 10 most-downloaded shows, and so we decided to get an update on her job and company for this week's Career Quickie. We ask her about how Shopify hires differently, how the company's open-mined approach attracts a wide variety of candidates and advice for how you can reach out and pitch yourself for a job.
Listen to our conversation to hear more about what recruiters want to see when you reach out to them. Also learn more about why your story, your interest in a job and your path can make you a strong candidate, with or without a traditional background. Shopify, Anna says, believes in the potential of passion, skills and transferable experience.
Dec 10, 2018
When it comes to leadership, Debbie Madden has the experience. Currently the fearless co-founder and CEO of Stride Consulting, an agile software development consultancy for companies and startups, Stride is her fifth company and the role marks her third time as CEO. The organization's clients include The Daily Beast, casper and Equinox, and has been named to the 2018 Inc. 500 list, as well as designations for Crain's Best Places to Work In NYC — twice!
In today's episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we talk to Debbie about her culture-first philosophy, discuss what has fueled Stride's growth and delve into her top leadership strategies. We also talk about performance review techniques applied at the company, job opportunities that exist in agile software development and why the company is such a magnet for former teachers and those who love to teach in various ways.
Debbie also opens up to us about the brave decisions she made after her breast cancer diagnosis. While the phrase "great leader" can be thrown around so often it can feel like a cliche, Debbie truly embodies the definition of leadership. We feel confident that once you hear Debbie's story of pursuing a dream — despite extreme difficulty — it will inspire you to push yourself further.
Oct 29, 2018
Jessica Honegger is the founder of Noonday Collection, a soaring business that designs and sells fair trade jewelry and accessories made by artisans around the world. She's also the author of Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared. In the book, released in August, Jessica she shares her story about how she launched Noonday Collection as an inspired side hustle and provides guidance on soul searching, collaborating and broadening your circle of passion.
In today's episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we talk to Jessica about how she pushed through fear to create a global organization that is changing the world. We also talk about the book's theme: You will be scared when doing new things and stretching outside of your comfort zone. But, you need to go forward anyway. You need to run scared toward a life of purpose and adventure.
"We avoid real issues, fear of the world, and it leads to a life of boredom, a lack of impact, spiritual death," as she describes it in her book. There is a certain power in being scared, and going forward anyway. There is a beautiful world waiting for you on the other side.
Jessica's personal story is a case study for the extraordinary joy and fulfillment that comes from using your unique talents to help others, while also stretching and growing yourself into higher levels of living. She encourages to view your life path with vulnerability, adding empathy for yourself and others. Listen in and hear how she turned her fear into fortune for herself and others, and you might just get an idea for how you can make a major impact, too!
Oct 16, 2018

How often have you wondered: Why am I doing this? Why do I want this? Why am I experiencing this?

What if you had the chance to discover your "why" during a yearlong opportunity — before you kicked off your career? That's exactly what Abby Falik has created for individuals during a gap year between high school graduation and college entrance with Global Citizen Year. She is the founder of the organization, which also helps students stretch themselves, learn about new cultures and languages, and also gain priceless experiences and memories. Students of Global Citizen Year stay with host families in Brazil, Ecuador, India and Senegal, and work as apprentices in local organizations.


Abby was once the type of student she hopes to inspire. She was attending college at Stanford when she realized that she was longing for more than the life that a traditional model of education provides. She wanted more out of her education that simply listening to professors in lecture halls. Taking action, Abby left traditional education behind and spent a year in Brazil working and traveling. After coming back to Stanford after this life-changing journey, she noticed she gained confidence and maturity, which she credits as an advantage that altered the course of her life. On this trip Abby had discovered her own "why" and her vision for her lifelong work was born.

But before Abby realized her vision, she worked in a nonprofit — managing, building and creating ideas — and then attended Harvard to obtain an MBA that would help her create Global Citizen Year.

In today's episode, we discuss the exciting trends in education and how our perceptions and expectations of higher education can (and should) change to create better accommodations for how we live. We also learn what inspires Abby's work and why she hopes the model of taking a "bridge year" will soon become the norm for most students in the United States. Then again, maybe we should all consider a bridge year — whether we're entering college or beginning year 15 of our careers.

Oct 6, 2018
In our latest episode of I Want Her Job The Podcast, I Want Her Job Founder Brianne Perleberg, and I Want Her Job The Podcast Co-founder Polina Selyutin turn the mics on each other. Listen in as they describe how the podcast came to life, how it was launched, the steps they took to create it and how they bring in the amazing guests you hear each week. Additionally, Brianne and Polina talk about their respective careers. Brianne talks about how she launched I Want Her Job in 2010, how she came up with the idea for the site and the jobs she's had during the day along the way. (I Want Her Job is a side hustle for the duo at this point.) Polina shares what inspired her to reach out to Brianne with the idea to collaborate on the podcast, how she learned to edit podcasts, her early influences and why it's sometimes okay not to listen to your parents -- even if you love them dearly!
We hope you enjoy the special twist in today's episode as you get two know the two women behind this podcast.
Sep 25, 2018

Ashley Eckstein is a force, which isn’t surprising considering she’s a strong believer in The Force Star Wars brought to life. As the voice of Star Wars’ Ashsoka Tano, Ashley brings to life a strong character who always wants to do the right thing. And in real life, she isn’t much different from that character.

She strives to empower young girls and women everywhere through Her Universe, an online community where female fangirls can be themselves and also find merchandise featuring their favorite Lucas Film, Disney characters and more. And like the Disney characters she loves, Ashely had to persist to make her dream come true. Why? The industry simply wasn’t welcoming to creating sci-fi and fantasy focused clothing exclusively for a female fan base.

But like any heroine, Ashley found a way to turn a negative into a positive. Because other major companies didn’t want licenses for merchandise this space or didn’t use the ones they had, she was able to prove a fan base and a market without any competition. Of course, a few years later when Her Universe began proving sales, other companies began to pay attention. It has grown so much in size that it’s now a subsidiary of Hot Topic.

Now, in addition to her role with Her Universe and as the voice of Ahsoka Tano, she can add author to her list of accomplishments. This summer she released It’s Your Universe, an interactive book that guides its reader on making their dreams happen. Listen in for a sneak peek of our interview with Ashley in today's Career Quickie, and then read the interview in its entirety on

Sep 18, 2018

Beth Comstock is the former vice chair of GE and a corporate director of Nike. Her accomplishments include building GE’s Business Innovations and GE Ventures, as well as overseeing the reinvention of GE Lighting. Prior to her role as vice chair she served as chief marketing officer of the company. And before that she had another dream job as the president of integrated media at NBC Universal, overseeing the company’s digital efforts, including the early formation of Hulu.

While Beth has built an incredible career, she’s also made some tough decisions in the process of doing so. We’re all lucky enough live vicariously through her, with the opportunity to learn more about her journey and the decisions that led her to career success in her new book out today called Imagine It Forward.

In it, Beth shares her story, documenting the ups and downs of working at GE and NBC during a time of tremendous growth. But, Beth will tell you she also wrote this book to help those out in the middle of their career. It’s for those who want to make change happen, but feel they need permission to do so, whether through others or from themselves.

In today’s episode I am joined by I Want Her Job founder Brianne. Together, we talk to Beth about inspiring change, the importance of embracing tension and conflict, how to navigate gatekeepers and more.

We hope you enjoy today’s conversation. You can also visit I Want Her Job dot com for an online version of today’s interview.We rely on word-of-mouth to help our community grow and would love if left a review of our podcast on iTunes and subscribe to future episodes. You can read more interviews on I Want Her Job dot com, where you can also sign up for our newsletter. And if you have ideas for future guests, we’re just an email away.

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